The mission of Girls in the Know is to empower girls to embrace

a strong sense of self.

Through educational resources, instruction and building a sense of community, girls are empowered to know they are enough.

Our Values

Courage: We stand with girls and boldly embrace the issues important to their growth and development into young women.

Compassion: We listen without judgment and treat others with kindness, tolerance and respect.

Trust: We earn trust through transparency, follow-through, open communication and providing fact based information.

Inclusion: We seek to make our programs accessible and relevant to every girl and to cultivate a sense of belonging for all.

Our Story

Girls in the Know was founded in 2009 by St. Louis mom, Lori Lander, as a way for parents to foster open communication with their daughters about the difficult issues of adolescence.

“When my daughters were entering their preteen years, I searched for fact-based programming to replace a lot of the misinformation they were getting AND that would include me as the caregiver in the education process,” says Lander.

Finding none, she set about creating her own workshop series, in partnership with St. Luke’s Hospital, which would provide education to both trusted adults/caregivers and their pre-teen girls on the mental, physical and social-emotional challenges girls face in today’s culture.

Now, Girls in the Know reaches girls, their trusted adults, and schools across St. Louis and other parts of the country with information and tools to address important issues for girls, such as body image, puberty, peer pressure and cyber safety.

We also empower girls with mentoring and continued education in areas that support their development into strong young women, following their own path.