Our goals are simple yet impactful.

By openly discussing body image and exploring their positive qualities, girls recognize their self-worth and improve their self-esteem.


Arming girls with knowledge, Girls in the Know participants are able to make informed decisions for their safe and healthy development. They also are able to pass on this information and be a positive influence to their peers.


Once empowered, girls have more courage and confidence in asking for help or discussing issues, improving communications with parents or other trusted adults.

Through pre and post surveys of our Empowerment Workshop Series, we track our progress in meeting these goals.

"Raising a daughter in these times is not easy. Frankly, it is scary. Our girls are bombarded constantly with all kinds of messages. Some are good, some are not. The speaker series did a great job in helping to identify the differences."

“It opened my eyes to things I didn’t realize were out there. My daughter and I have a strong relationship. This experience has given us the framework to begin some of those more difficult conversations I know are ahead of us.”

Mary Kaye Cody, Trusted Adult Graduate

"The girls really enjoyed the program because at the end they felt truly empowered. It’s programs like these that make girls feel special as well as appreciated."

“From some of the girls’ perspectives, discussing meanness within the ‘girl world’ touched on some of the experiences and emotions in which they have encountered and it was nice to know that they were not alone!”

Tabatha White, School Counselor