Girls in Action!

Our commitment to empowering girls extends beyond our Workshop Series, through offering GITK “alumni” and other girls ongoing learning and community service opportunities, resources & leadership experiences, through our program Girls in Action!

Our desire is to prepare the girls to thrive through their adolescence and future teen years, with an increased sense of self-worth, improved relationships and empowerment.

Alumni will engage in continued education series, community service opportunities, peer social events, and leadership opportunities! Our program focuses on topics such as self-esteem and self-mindset, bullying, conflict resolution, social intelligence, leadership, safety, etiquette and much more.

Our goal is to continue our empowerment work with GITK girls, and continue our work beyond the Empowerment series, as we work to continually empower our alumni with long-term skills and experience!!


Advisory Board

Our Girls in Action members will have the additional leadership opportunity to join an alumni-run Advisory Board. The board will hold monthly meetings and make leadership decisions for the program including what kinds of service events, what educational topics, and what social events alumni are interested in! Girls on the Advisory Board will also have the opportunity to join in the larger nonprofit board meetings of Girls in the Know!

Join other GITK alumni in continued educational courses chosen by YOU! Help lead & plan events for GITK including social events, community service & more! Interested in leadership? Run for a position on our girl-run Advisory Board! Make friends & make a difference with Girls in Action!!


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