Workshop Series

Our cornerstone program is our 4-part Empowerment Workshop Series for girls, ages 9-13, and their trusted adults, led by women who are subject matter experts and facilitated by the Girls in the Know Programs team.

We provide open dialogue in a safe space along with fact-based information on the tough issues for girls, such as body image, puberty, peer pressure and cyberbullying. As a result, girls realize they are not alone and find their voice in advocating for themself and others.

Topics covered in each 60-90 minute session include:

  • Influences of self-esteem
  • Peer pressure
  • Recognizing your positive qualities
  • Friendship
  • Managing conflict
  • “I” statements and being assertive
  • Internal vs. external characteristics
  • Self-talk
  • Body image and media influence
  • Activity, movement and restoration
  • Nutrition
  • Trusted adults
  • Home alone safety
  • Code phrases
  • Gun safety
  • Suicide prevention
  • Away from home
  • Cell phones, Internet, social media and cyberbullying
  • Puberty 101
  • Bodily changes during puberty
  • Taking care of yourself during your period and healthy hygiene
  • Male anatomy and terminology
  • Human reproduction
  • Safe touch