Girls in the Know's (GITK) Mission is to empower girls to embrace a strong sense of self with a vision that every girl will know - I AM ENOUGH!

The adolescent years can be very challenging for preteen and teenage girls.

Everything is changing, and so fast!

Lack of information, or worse, misinformation about healthy body image, puberty, navigating social media, and unhealthy behaviors, can profoundly affect a young girl’s self-confidence, self-esteem, and mental health.

GITK provides preteen and teenage girls with fact-based, medically accurate information about physical, social, and emotional development and fosters open communication with trusted adults.

Partnering with school districts and community organizations, we empower girls with educational programs and resources, open dialogue, mentorship and continued support during their preteen and teenage years.


Workshop Series

includes four key sessions focusing on social-emotional learning, all led by women who are licensed professionals in their field.

Trusted adults (parents, relatives, volunteers, teachers, school administrators, friends) engage girls in discussion and create safe spaces for critical conversations, providing a starting point and strategies to continue exploring topics at home.

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