Get to Know Board Member, Emily Rau

kmov-2015-headshot-emily-rauEmily Rau is not a mom, but she cares deeply about the future of our girls. She is the lucky middle sister to an older brother and sister, and younger brother. She is also a soon-to-be aunt to a little girl. Emily grew up in Washington, Missouri and now works at KMOV as the morning anchor. She’s an avid reader and article-sharer, and loves to write when she gets the time. Culture and current events are part of her job, but also her passion. Here’s why Emily got involved with Girls In The Know:

As the third of four kids, I had the benefit of not going first. I got to learn from other’s mistakes literally from day one. As my sister approached the teen years, I watched the dynamic shift between she and my mom. I was only three years younger, but to me it seemed as though they started speaking different languages. I was (and remain) very close to each of them, and it broke my heart that they were missing out on each other’s true spirit. I think that had there been a Girls In The Know back then, the situation would have been totally different, and I could have avoided many of my own road blocks on the way to adulthood.eraugitk

Aside from my family background, my career is in TV news. I’m part of the ‘media machine’ people love to hate, so I know the influence images have on people. It’s the reason why a single picture has the power to tell a story, but also why airbrushed models can convince us our self-worth comes down to the size of our thighs and the tone of our skin. Print

As an on-air journalist, I feel the pressure, but I also want to turn it around for good. Girls In The Know is helping to start the movement and I’m proud to be part of it.

Please consider supporting our organization and helping us grow. We are raising awareness through the month of November, our month of gratitude, culminating on Giving Tuesday, 11/29. Our hope is to bring attention to Girls in the Know so that young girls today have the opportunity to become strong, empowered leaders tomorrow. Visit Facebook and like us and/or support Girls in the Know!