Get to know Board Member, Andrea Lampert

Andrea loves to help all people develop both personally and professionally.  She is a human resources executive in healthcare with a background as a registered nurse.   Andrea enjoys exercise and travel especially when these activities involve her family.  Andrea has two children (17, 14) along with 3 step-children and 3 step-grandchildren with the 4th on the way! Andrea is the Chair of Girls in the Know’s Development and Board Recruitment Committee. She has dedicated and adapted her expertise and passion to our organization.  Read on for more about Andrea’s dedication to Girls in the Know.

img_4031When we moved from Boston to St Louis in 2007, it was just me and my 2 children.  All the weight of parenting was on my shoulders in the midst of so much change – new job, new home, new community.  By comparison, my childhood was complete stability, void of any dramatic life changes.  I’ve always taken pride in my ability to be resourceful, and never claimed to have all the answers, especially about parenting and forming healthy relationships with your children.  So I was ecstatic when I learned of a GITK series offered at Mia’s school.  We were both excited, actually, as Mia often wondered too about how to talk with me when the topics start to get “heavy”. she-me

It was a few years later when Mia and I attended another GITK program, sponsored in part by the company I worked at, and we were very excited to reconnect with GITK, as well as each other.  With Mia now in her teenage years, we realized that our relationship could only benefit by being open to learning from others.  At the event, I was informed that GITK was seeking new board members.  Mia whispered to me:  “Mom, you MUST join this board!” So, inspired by Mia, and my own passion for the development of others, I eagerly raised my hand.

Please consider supporting our organization. We are raising awareness through the month of November, our month of gratitude, culminating on Giving Tuesday, 11/29. Our hope is to bring attention to Girls in the Know so that young girls today have the opportunity to become strong, empowered leaders tomorrow. Visit Facebook and like us and/or support Girls in the Know!

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