Get in the Know with Brooke Williams

Brooke is a business systems analyst and technology consultant.  She is the mother of 4 children, two girls and two boys (13,11,9,6). Brooke is passionate about technology and education. She enjoys reading, playing tennis and racquetball, and making others smile. She is a member of our board of directors and our technology advisor.  Here is her story about how she became involved with Girls in the Know…


When I became a mother, I rarely considered the infant and toddler stages daunting. They were a lot of things, but scary was not an adjective I used. My fears were already focused on the moments these babies started thinking for themselves, talking back and acting independently– the t(w)eenage years. With two young daughters, I would lay awake at night wondering how I was going to survive that critical period. I looked back at my own behavior and lack of communication as a teen, and knew I wanted to break the cycle of my shortcomings. I was on a mission.

My mother and I have a very close relationship. I have the utmost admiration for her as a woman, friend, caregiver, teacher and, especially, as a mom.  She raised my two sisters and I with strength and extraordinary vision. Despite our strong relationship, my sisters and I became more interested in communicating with friends and less in learning from Mom. Therefore, most of our discussions were “need to know”. We skirted around topics of body image, female hormones, peer-pressure, menstruation, nutrition and all things boys.

With my own girls, I knew I wanted to be upfront and honest about these topics. I searched for books, blogs, and videos on the topic of parenting daughters in the t(w)een years. I tried various conversation starters and other educational tactics. Finally, in 2010, I stumbled upon a flyer for Girls in the Know. The description of the organization spelled out exactly what I was looking for! My views aligned perfectly with the organization–Knowledge IS Power. knowledge-is-power

I knew I wanted to be part of a movement that exalted communication and education between impressionable daughters and those that love them. I attended a workshop in 2014 with my oldest daughter and I am enrolled for another with my younger one. Together we are building a solid foundation for the three of us to connect on a deeper level, and feel unashamed in sharing our questions and concerns.

Please consider supporting our organization. We are raising awareness through the month of November, our month of gratitude, culminating on Giving Tuesday, 11/29. Our hope is to bring attention to Girls in the Know so that young girls today have the opportunity to become strong, empowered leaders tomorrow. Visit Facebook and like us and/or support Girls in the Know!