Get in the Know – Monica Hans

Monica is Vice President of the Board at Girls in the Know. She is also the Director of Talent Strategy at Caleres. unnamed-5Monica is mom to eight year old daughter, Audrey. Read on to find what compelled Monica to be part of Girls in the Know…

From the day I found out I was going to have a daughter I was terrified of the teen years that lie ahead of us.  It’s the first thing anyone says when you have a daughter “good luck when she’s a teenager”.  It felt inevitable that this sweet, darling baby would one day turn into my most difficult challenge.  I was determined to do whatever I could to build a strong, trusting foundation between Audrey and I. I was going to defy the stereotype…how? I did not know.knowledge-is-power

Three years ago I learned about Girls in the Know through my good friend Ashley.  She is the Grant Writer for Girls in the Know.  While Audrey was only 5 years old I knew that getting involved with Girls in the Know was the first step towards ensuring Audrey and I, as well as other trusted adults and pre-teen girls, develop relationships that help raise strong, confident, empowered daughters.  I admired the mission and the programs as well as the group of moms I met through Girls in the Know…moms like me who were doing whatever possible to educate their girls to be confident and strong…Knowledge is Power.unnamed-6

While Audrey is not yet old enough for us to go through the She & Me Series we are both looking forward to participating in just a few short years.  Audrey already knows about Girls in the Know and is excited for her turn.  I love that my daughter recognizes the work I am doing and looks forward to participating with me.

I have to admit the teen years still scare me, however with programs like Girls in the Know I’m confident what lies ahead will be much easier.  I’m already witnessing the strong, confident girl Audrey is becoming and I’m excited to see what is in her future.img_4041

Please consider supporting our organization. We are raising awareness through the month of November, our month of gratitude, culminating on Giving Tuesday, 11/29. Our hope is to bring attention to Girls in the Know so that young girls today have the opportunity to become strong, empowered leaders tomorrow. Visit Facebook and like us and/or support Girls in the Know!