She & Me Empowerment Series


The Girls in the Know She & Me Empowerment Series is designed for girls ages 9-13* and their moms/caregivers to discuss life’s most important topics:

Presenting 4 one-hour interactive sessions

SESSION ONE: “Empowering Your Pre-Teen Daughter”
*Covering topics not limited to but including: Influences on self-esteem, peer pressure, recognizing your positive qualities, friendship, managing conflict, choose to diffuse role play, I-statements and being assertive, friendship role play, scenario activity

SESSION TWO: “Promoting A Healthy Body Image”
*Covering topics not limited to but including: Internal vs. External characteristics, body image & media influence, fitness- nutrition, fitness- activity, movement & restoration, true/false activity

SESSION THREE: “All About Safety: Internet, Cell Phones, Home & Away”
*Covering topics not limited to but including: Trusted adults, home alone safety, code phrases, away from home, cell phones/internet/social media & cyber bullying, scenarios activity

SESSION FOUR: “The Birds & The Bees: What Pre-Teen Girls Should Know”
*Covering topics not limited to but including: Accurate use of terminology, T.H.I.N.K. activity, puberty/body changes/menstrual cycle, taking care of yourself during your period/hygiene, male anatomy, human reproduction, safe touch, promise to myself, true/false activity, matching activity

Led by a group of women professionals, this four-part, interactive program meets weekly to promote open communication between mothers/caregivers and daughters while encouraging positive behaviors and decisions as pre-teen girls mature into adulthood.

*The She & Me Empowerment Series is designed for 5th & 6th grade girls although mature 4th graders are welcome!

The Girls in the Know (GITK) She & Me Empowerment Series fees are $125 per mother/caregiver-daughter pair. GITK is aware that we serve a wide range of mothers/caregivers & daughters and part of our mission is to have our programming accessible to ALL. In the event a family is unable to afford the cost for the program, we will do everything we can to offer scholarships to those in need. Our ability to do so is limited by our capacity to raise funds. As need-based scholarships are available for program fees for individuals who require program fee assistance, families requesting scholarships can complete an application to be reviewed by our board of directors. Please contact us at to request a scholarship application.

The tangible items each mother-daughter pair receives with our program include:
• Sessions are conducted by female professionals licensed/certified in their field
• Information Packet and Materials to accompany each session
• Official GITK t-shirt (St. Louis only)
• Participation in the “In the Know” celebration event (Hosted in St. Louis)
• Fees for liability insurance
• Administrative assistance to leaders, locations, mothers/caregivers & daughters and parents

Scholarship Application

**Please note: There is usually only ONE speaker per session and on occasion the sessions may be in a different order.