Sue & Anna Miriani

Sue & Anna Miriani, Wild Horse Elementary Empowerment Workshop Series Participants

“I benefited from Girls in the Know Speaker Series by connecting with my mom and learning more about internet and Instagram safety”, Anna Miriani. “As a mom of three girls I’ve experienced the program generating great conversations with my girls that can otherwise be difficult to talk about,” Sue Miriani.

Molly & Shannon Johnson

Molly and Shannon Johnson, Wild Horse Elementary Empowerment Workshop Series Participants

“Girls in the Know gave us the opportunity to discuss special topics with each other and other moms & daughters in our community. Thanks GITK!”

Lynne GITK Testimonials

Lynne Reif, M.A., LPC, School Counselor, Steger 6th Grade Center, Webster Groves School District

“The Girls in the Know speaker series provides an excellent opportunity for mothers and daughters to participate together in a workshop that provides invaluable information and resources. The experience benefits both people as individuals and is geared toward fostering and enhancing communication within the relationship in a relevant and fun way. As a school counselor, I am excited to be able to offer this program at my school, as it provides tools which support moms and daughters in navigating together areas that are significant to female adolescent development. I have heard consistent positive feedback from those who have participated.”

tabatha white

Tabatha White, AVID Coordinator/Athletic Director/School Counselor Compton-Drew ILC Middle School

“S.O.S. (Secrets of Sisterhood) was started in 2007 as a result of doing my counseling internship and attending various Character Education Seminars. A colleague and I got together and formed SOS within the school due to so many office referrals of girl bullying. When we did our initial counseling sessions with the girls, we found that things were much deeper than we expected. We in turn, brought in various organizations such as Thrive St. Louis, Kids Under Twenty One, Girls Inc., etc. to help combat the problems we were having. I am an eyewitness as to what resources can do to help our girls get through their adolescent stage of life. I know that by incorporating Girls In The Know Sessions into our Lock-In Girls Night Out it will reassure and give our girls some hope that someone cares and that they really do matter. Our teens constantly struggle with self-esteem issues and trying to fit in so much that they somehow forget how to just be themselves!”

“The Compton-Drew ILC Middle school girls appreciate Girls in the Know for providing the materials and presenters for the speaker series. The girls really enjoyed the program because at the end they felt truly empowered. It’s programs like these that make girls feel special as well as appreciated. From some of the girls perspectives, discussing meanness within the ‘girl world’ touched on some of the experiences and emotions in which they have encountered and it was nice to know that they were not alone! They are already looking forward to Girls Night Out and Lock In 2014! Thanks!”

Polly & Paige Hartman

Polly Hartman, Participant in the Trusted Adult- Pre-teen Girl Empowerment Workshop Series at Wild Horse Elementary

“Dear Gina,
I just wanted to touch base with you regarding the Girls in the Know upcoming speaker series in St. Louis. First off words cannot describe how excited I am to ‘FINALLY’ have the opportunity to experience this program with my daughter. I work at a well-known medical center in St. Louis and as my daughter is getting older and with all the changes in a young girl’s life, I reached out to our community education department, as well as our community in general, looking for ways to educate a young lady and her mother. What was troublesome is that there is nothing, until I looked a little deeper and found Girls in the Know.”

“In today’s world everything is different from when I was growing up. From the simplest to the hardest growing pains we as young girls to young woman go through. I was finding myself questioning my parenting and how I was handling various situations and how I was directing my daughter to handle these challenges. I was longing for something or someone to help me understand today’s growing pains, to solidify lines of communication, to educate my daughter, to promote positive decisions and create healthy behaviors. To tell you I am relieved to find this program would not be doing my feelings justice. This is what I am been looking for…GIRLS IN THE KNOW!”

“Thank you so much for all your hard work and putting our daughters first. This is an invaluable program, one that I am very passionate about and share with my friends and family who also have daughters. Communication is key and having a healthy relationship with our children is beyond number 1. It all starts with us as parents and ensuring that we are giving our daughters the tools they need to be successful in their lives.”


Joya and BeLov’ed Brooks, Ladue Middle School Empowerment Workshop Series Participants

“I’ve always known as a mother that my most important job is to be a teacher of life and there’s always something that I need to be teaching my children. BeLov’ed has a special place in my heart as she is my oldest child and my only girl. I wanted her 13th year of life to be a special one and an impactful one that she and I would never forget, which is why I showed interest in wanting BeLov’ed to be a part of Girls in the Know with me. That will also give her and I the opportunity to spend one-on-one time together. The other important thing about Girls in the Know was that as the mother of a teenager, I wanted to know the things I’d been teaching my daughter, for the 13 years of her life so far were the things that she needed to know. I also wanted to know if what I was teaching her was the correct information. I also knew that it would be important for her to hear that same information presented in a different way, by professionals. When it was all said and done, the topics that were discussed were right on point with things I felt were very important with teenage girls in this millenium.  I also learned that what I’ve said all along about being open and honest and having good communication with my daughter is very important. The series that we attended let me know that I am on point as a parent.  There really weren’t too many things discussed that BeLov’ed and I had no knowledge of and it made me feel really good to know that through this program the things I’ve been telling her and teaching her were affirmed and all my blood, sweat and tears thus far in her life have not been in vain. Being able to apply for the scholarship was a blessing because if it weren’t for the scholarship, BeLov’ed and I would not have been able to attend this powerful series. Also, I really appreciated the opportunity for her and I to have something something to do together, being chosen as the mother-daughter team leader volunteer facilitators. It was a wonderful experience. And as I said, if there is anything BeLov’ed or I can do to be of assistance in your mission with Girls in the Know, please do not hesitate to call.”


Scholarship Participant, City of St. Charles School District

“I just went back to work after being out for 4 weeks with no pay. I am a single parent and have a hard time making ends meet so we are behind on all our bills. I was not familiar with the Girls in the Know program until Friday when I received the email from Grace’s school. I feel that Grace is at a difficult age with peer pressure, body changes and just becoming a teenager. The program will benefit both of us by strengthening our bond while educating us both on all the topics offered by the program.”


“It does not matter how much you have shared and taught your children, this speaker series will provide for another avenue to continue and grow the lines of communication within your family unit.”


“I think the Girls in the Know Speaker Series program was very well done and a great experience for the girls.  The sequence of the 4 sessions from healthy body image, nutrition, safety, to birds and the bees allowed the girls to become comfortable with the program and learn from the experts.  For me, personally, I especially appreciated the session on the birds and the bees.  I had made a mistake by not telling my oldest son early enough and found out the hard way that he investigated on his own.  Still, I was dreading that conversation with my daughter, and it was so much easier having an OBGYN explain the semantics to her.  It really opened the door for her to ask healthy questions, and it is actually not even awkward to discuss it with her now.  Thank you!”


“Thank you for having a passion for good communication between mothers and daughters! All of your research, information gathering, creativity, and hard work has paid off. Relationships have been strengthened and lives have been changed!”


“You have done a fantastic job. My daughter went to the first class kicking and screaming and came out of the program enjoying each week. The community needs more programs like yours. Thank you!”


“…We learned a lot of new things together. That’s what it should be about…”


“…We both making sure that we are meeting each other’s needs and finding time to just TALK. This is huge! Thank you so much!”


“I think my daughter realizes that this was for her and that it was special because it was just for us. That alone, has and will help our relationship…”


“…We have been able to talk about things and gave me a platform to bring up topics that may have been forced to discuss otherwise.”


“…this is so great no matter how open or not open you have been to date. This speaker series makes the subjects more comfortable and much easier to talk about freely.”


“…We talked a lot before, but now she knows what questions to ask and I feel more comfortable answering the questions. Very good program!”


“Whearticone have always been open with each other, but I hope this class motivates her to continue on that path as she goes through so many changes.”