Q:  How many trusted adults & pre-teen girls are in a session?

A:  Each speaker series requires a minimum of 15 trusted adult-pre-teen girl pairs and is limited to a maximum of 20 pairs. The minimum number of 15 pairs is necessary to meet financial considerations of program delivery. The maximum number of 20 pairs supports the curriculum design and group dynamics. The curriculum is related to interactive experiential learning and trusted adult-pre-teen girl bonding that fosters communication building. Fewer than 15 trusted adult-pre-teen girl pairs make it difficult to provide this experience. More than 20 trusted adult-pre-teen girl pairs makes it difficult to establish group rapport and depth of communication.

Q:  Will our session be open to other schools?

A:  While most sessions are comprised of individuals who attend the hosting school, there are often several attending who come from neighboring schools in the community. This benefits the group in two ways: first, the sense of community is strengthened when trusted adults and pre-teen girls have the opportunity to attend with new friends, and we hear the feeling of “we’re all in this together” emphasized. In addition, open sessions offer families flexibility in attending sessions when the dates work best. Closed sessions are available providing the minimum attendance is met.

Q:  Can sessions be consolidated to two weeks?

A:  Due to the importance of group dynamics, experiential learning process of the Girls in the Know Speaker Series and the efficacy of the program, trusted adults and pre-teen girls are expected to attend each consecutive week of the four-week series. More importantly, GITK wants every trusted adult and pre-teen girl to participate in the “speaker series experience” and look at each week as a “date night” with your pre-teen girl. We suggest that by treating it as such, your experience will be more meaningful and long lasting.

Q:  What if we have to miss a week?

A:  If a session must be missed, we invite trusted adults and pre-teen girls to make up that session at another location.

Q:  Are there any fees for Girls in the Know?

A:  Yes. Program fees are $125 per trusted adult- pre-teen girl pair. This price provides each trusted adult-pre-teen girl pair with sessions conducted by female professionals licensed/certified in their field, session handouts and materials to accompany each session, the official GITK t-shirt, delivered at the “In the Know” celebration event, and a speaker series completion certificate. The fee also helps cover administrative costs, such as program management, legal, accounting, and insurance fees.

Q:  What if I have difficulty paying the fee?

A:  GITK is aware that we serve a wide range of trusted adults and pre-teen girls, and part of our mission is to have GITK be accessible to ALL. It is a priority of GITK to never turn a family away for financial reasons. Any registered participant is eligible for a scholarship, regardless of the program fee at her site. In the event a family is unable to afford the cost for the program, we will do everything we can to offer need-based scholarships for program fees to individuals who require program fee assistance. Our ability to do so is limited by our capacity to raise funds. Families requesting scholarships can complete an application to be reviewed by our board of directors. Payment plans are available for those who would like to make payments in installments.

Q:  Can my pre-teen girl and I participate at another location if the program is not at her school?

A:  Yes, we love that! Bringing the program to your school is also an option. Visit “Bring the Series to Your School” for more information. Please be advised that location applications are due prior to the start of the semester you are desiring to attend.

Q:  Can I register for just 2 weeks?

A:  Unfortunately, no. Full participation lends to a healthy group dynamic, experiential learning, and the opportunity to experience trusted adult and pre-teen girl bonding .

Q:  What if something comes up and we need to cancel our registration?

A:  Our refund policy states that if a registered participant is unable to attend a session or series, Girls in the Know will attempt to enable the participant to attend the session or series at another location. Refunds will be considered at the discretion of the Program Director. No refunds will be issued for participation in a speaker series following commencement of the series. If the speaker series is canceled due to insufficient registration or other circumstances deemed appropriate by the Program Director, the full registration fee will be refunded.